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Life on Twitter is a webapp to help you get the most out of your Twitter profile with personalized stats. With it you can find out the current status of your account and learn how to use it more effectively.

Its interface is as simple as it gets: it doesn't have additional buttons and all the results are presented as a list, one after the other, well-differentiated by colored boxes that make the information more accessible. It's so simple you can find out all there is to learn about a Twitter account just by scrolling down.

The information provided by the app includes: most used icons, best friends, followers ratio, a breakdown of how much time you spend tweeting each day, most used HTs, number of tweets that include HTs, most popular followers and, last but not least, most popular tweets. All these stats are generated based on your last 998 tweets.

One of the main benefits of this webapp is that all tweets in the list include a link to the original one, so you can access it directly without having to browse through your TL. Use Life on Twitter to find out exactly how and when to tweet and extend the reach of your profile thanks to this simple method.
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